They go back to historical times – of shepherds and their sheep roaming the beautiful mountains of Abruzzo, enjoying the open air and crisp grass…

This is what makes the Arrosticini in Abruzzo so unique, the free range journey of the sheep. Shepard’s also used their sheep as a source of food for themselves and definitely not letting anything go to waste. We can promise you these skewered little pieces of meat with layers of fat will leave you drooling for more.

When it hits the charcoal the smell will take you to the streets of Abruzzo, feste , sagre, family and friends. The answer to your next get together is the salty goodness of Arrosticini.

Arrosticini these days are traditionally cooked over a “fornacella” a bbq designed specifically for cooking Arrosticini so that the skewers don’t burn and your hands are free to turn and have full control of the skewer whilst cooking, but if you don’t have one, you can borrow ours or simply cook them with what you have.

Our friendly staff at Abruzzo Lab can give you many tips on how to create a cooking channel for your Arrosticini on whatever bbq you have.

Let us describe to you what happens to the Arrosticini as they cook.

The meat is seared on each side and the fat slowly melts over the meat, the natural juice slowly drips into the cooking channel raising a small cloud of pleasurable bbq smoke, 8-10 minute a decent sprinkle of salt and enjoy, obviously with a glass of red montepulciano wine and toasted golden bread drizzled with olive oil.

So tender and juicy.